Where to buy the RoboJAM! robot kit parts

All of the parts used in the RoboJAM! robot kit are sourced from China.

The idea behind this is to make the robot as cheap as possible which means people can take the robots home at the end of a workshop and continue learning.

The main website I use nowadays is Bangood.com . The table below outlines which parts you need , how many of them and how much they cost. Each of the items has a link which you can click and it will bring you to wherever I bought it from.

Most of the parts are from Bangood but some are from Farnell.

Part NameQuantityCost (Euros)Supplier
Arduino Nano (With USB Cable)12.30Bangood
L239D Motor Driver IC11.05Bangood
Motor with wheel25.00Bangood
IR Sensor1.90Bangood
Ultrasonic Sensor11.89Bangood
HC-05 Bluetooth Module12.30Bangood
Battery Pack11.90Bangood
Male-Female Dupont Cable (40 Pack) 11.69Bangood
Green LED10.10Farnell
220 Ohm Resistor10.10Farnell
2200uF Capacitor10.8Farnell
**Red Wire, 30cm (22 AWG, SOLID CORE)10.16Farnell
**Black Wire, 30cm(22 AWG, SOLID CORE)10.16Farnell
**Purple Wire, 30cm (22 AWG, SOLID CORE)10.16Farnell
**Yellow Wire, 30cm (22 AWG, SOLID CORE)10.16Farnell
**Green Wire, 30cm (22 AWG, SOLID CORE)10.16Farnell
Total Cost22.1

You may have noticed the “**” beside each of the wire colours. The reason for this is you can’t really buy 30cm of wire. Bangood do sell mini packs of wire but it’s a multi-core wire that is not suitable for breadboards.

The best place to get the wire is farnell, but the minimum order is 30 metres which works out at around 15 euros per colour which is quite expensive. The alternative to buying reels of cable is to buy male-male dupont cables such as these.

Wire can also be bought from ebay.ie . The key search term is “22 awg wire single core” . There are several sellers that sell multi-packs containing small lengths of every colour which is ideal.

One last thing you will need is a cable stripper. They only cost around 5-6 euros and are available from Bangood. This is my favorite type that I regularly use.



You can also buy a kit directly from me. The advantage of this is everything is included and all of the wires are stripped and cut to the right length which means you won’t need any tools.



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